Paddle Boarding

Sea North Tours is always searching for new adventures for our clients to try. Paddle boarding is a new and exclusive feature to Sea North Tours and we are very excited to share it with you! If you’ve never been on a paddleboard before now, there isn’t a better place to try it. Especially when there are Beluga whales along to encourage you. Don’t be intimidated by joining them for a swim, they may be laughing at your balance but a little hurt pride is a small price to pay for an experience such as this. If you have been on a paddleboard then you already know there aren’t many places you can add the unique experience of watching beluga whales alongside your board.

There is some challenge to navigating the water and keeping your balance, so we provide top of the line wet suits to keep you warm in case you end up in the drink.

You will have a guide accompanying you on the water as well as a safety zodiac. Tours will always be departing at low tide to ensure smoother waters and all tours are, of course, weather dependent. Tour time is 2 hours on the water.


Accompanied by Zodiac for Added Safety
First Time Paddle Boarders Welcome
Includes 5mm Wet Suit

3 Hours

Minimum of 2 Guests
Maximum of 6 Guests

CAD $170 (+ $8.50 tax)
* 12 Years Age Minimum
* Requires Physical Ability