Our Team

Lindsay Hurst PICTURE

Lindsay Hurst

Since moving to Churchill in 2010, Lindsay has been leading whale tours on the Hudson Bay. A lover of the outdoors, she loves cruising on her ATV and watching Belugas playing under the gorgeous Churchill sunsets.


Remi Foubert-Allen

He is 3rd generation Churchillian and Captain of the one and only SEA NORTH II vessel and has been licensed since 2012. His favourite memories to date are rare Orca sightings in 2012 and 2014.

Tiffany Spence

Tiffany Spence

Born and raised Churchillian, Tiffany loves to embrace every aspect of mother nature. Whether its photography, berry picking, exploring and navigating the Churchill Estuary, she likes to do it all.


Alex de Vries-Magnifico

An avid photographer and local gallery owner, Alex had been with Sea North Tours since 2013. His love and overall knowledge of the town of Churchill and its surrounding wildlife radiate from him with every tour.

Aubrie Pic

Aubrie Foubert-Allen

Born in Churchill, another friendly face at our sales desk. Local tour guide, she volunteers time as a local firefighter and auxiliary coast guard. Fluent in French she can help in either of our official languages!


Arnar Palsson

Your friendly transportation to see everything there is to see. “Going out of the way to make things happen is the only way”. Churchill is my second home.


Erin Greene

Owner/operator of “SUP North”, fell in love with Churchill in 2012. Combining her passion for the whales, the water and active living, she introduced paddle boarding to the Churchill River.

Jocelyn McLean PICTURE photo credit Lindsay Hurst

Jocelyn McLean

Jocelyn works on the front line entertaining beluga whales all summer. Instead of toys she uses kayaks, zodiacs & snorkelers. It’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it!

Veronika pic_crop

Veronika Ertulova

Born and raised in Kazakhstan, Veronika works in sales and can help schedule your tours. She loves her small pup named Tony and enjoys paddle boarding with belugas.