Floe Ice Tours

Join us for our season’s start up expeditions with birds, seals, possible first belugas of the season and of course ice! Beginning after June breakup and leading into early July this tour is perfect for the avid photographer, birder and any traveller looking to experience the Arctic’s awakening from winter. Churchill River breakup varies but usually occurs early to mid June. This is a beautiful opportunity for us to take visitors amongst sea ice in world famous military grade Zodiacs.

Past tours have produced close up sightings of three species of Jaegers (Skuas), Harlequin Duck, King Eider, Black Guillemont, Great Black – Backed, Sabine’s, Little and Ross’s Gulls as well as many more common birds in the area. A birder’s paradise to be sure!

However, this tour is more than birds, it’s a unique experience where you get to interact with the Arctic’s beautiful transformation into the much awaited summer. You get the opportunity to become part of an intimate environment, which is a lively soup of birds, seals, huge turquoise core ice shapes and possibly the season’s first Belugas. The ice breakup creates a tantalizing image spread as far as the eye can see across the Hudson Bay making for unique and haunting photographs.

Tide, current and ice conditions dictate tour times; please call for information on possible tour dates. Length of the tour – 2 hours. It is necessary for you to dress warmly!


Call for time because of daily changing ice conditions

2 Hours

Minimum of 4 Guests

Adult: CAD $115 (+ $5.75 tax)
Children Aged 6 – 12: CAD $57.50 (+ $2.88 tax)
Children 5 and Under: FREE