Sea North’s Vessels


The MK4 is Sea North’s smallest Zodiac and we currently have 5 in motion. It is 5.3 metres in length and 2.14 metres wide. It can hold up to 1720 kg, which equates to approximately 12 passengers and necessary gear. It’s made from heavy-duty, reinforced material and has rigid flooring.


Our three MK5 Zodiacs are a slightly larger option made with the same heavy-duty Neoprene Duratane fabric as the MK4. It also has rigid flooring and can carry up to 2520 kg, which makes enough room for 15 passengers. It is 5.85 metres in length and 2.48 metres in width. All of our zodiacs come with intercom valve systems, large flow self-bailers, and a sturdy long-shaft transom.

F580 EOD

We have two of these beauties on our docks; they are military grade with 48 sq. ft. of deck space. Its maximum payload is 2520 kg, which accommodates 15 passengers. It’s the same length and width of the MK5 but with doubled up rubber to make for an even more serious vessel. Canadian forces and most militaries around the world use this Zodiac for its intense durability.

Sea North II

The Sea North II is the one and only custom built whale watching vessel in the Churchill area. Among its special design features are Twin world famous Hamilton Jet Pumps turned by Volvo Penta Diesels. This method of propulsion ensures that no harm can come to the whales, as there are no exposed moving parts under the water!! She is also reinforced to push ice at reduced speeds. Top quality engine silencers along with a heavy sound insulated engine room make the Sea North II extremely quiet both above and below the water. This allows for a minimal amount of disturbance in our friendly whales’ habitat and during your viewing experience.

There is only one SNII in the world. Sea North Tours contracted the world-renowned naval architect, Robert Allen ltd. to draft the plans for this vessel. It was then build by Hi Tech industries, another maritime legend. Drafted in British Columbia and hand built in Manitoba by some of the best makes the Sea North II a one-of-a-kind work of art that is almost as enjoyable as our friendly Beluga whales.

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