Beluga Whale Conservation

Our Mission

Sea North Tours believes that Beluga Whales deserve respect and protection.

And we practice what we preach.

Truly Whale Friendly Boats

Some Belugas swim closely behind boats, enjoying bubbles from their props. But props can injure or even kill them.

That doesn’t happen with Sea North boats.

We either use jet drive or prop guards ( on our boats so there are no exposed moving parts beneath the water.

We were the first whale watching company in the Churchill River and Hudson Bay to install prop guards, and we’re still the only ones.

But we are working to change that.

In addition to educating others about Prop Guards, we’ve also become a dealer so we can provide them at cost – making guards more accessible in the North. Heck, we’ve even given them away!

Respectful Practices

Our family has a deep respect for nature. We were born and raised in Churchill — in awe of the wildlife around us. And we freely admit that we have a favourite: the Beluga Whale.

Our love of these gentle giants has helped us set the standard for Beluga safety for more than 25 years. In addition to protecting them from props, we’re also ensuring that Churchill River Belugas are respected by helping create a Code of Ethics for local boat operators.

Conservation Partners

Over the years, we’ve made some great connections in the Beluga conservation community. Two stand out:

We believe people are more likely to conserve what they see. But not everyone can travel to Churchill to see whales. That is why we support as it shares live footage of Churchill Belugas with the world. We help them however we can, including installing a Prop Guard on their boat.

Check out some highlights of their footage at

Good whale conservation is also based on research of their needs. Two of our favourite researchers are Stephen Petersen and Meagan (Meg) Hainstock (shown left, with our crew after a long day on our boats). They already have full-time jobs in Wildlife Conservation but they still take vacation every year to study Belugas in Churchill.

Whether they’re studying whale behaviour or creating a new citizen science project with, they’ve always shown great respect for both the whales and our community.

Learn more about Meg and Stephen’s most recent project here.

To view most recent population estimate for Western Hudson Bay beluga including Churchill River click here.

In Our Community

SeaWalls CHURCHILL was created with the intention to educate and inspire a community to protect the oceans, but what transpired was more powerful than that. It was the story of a devastated small town on the edge of the Arctic being reminded of their own value and worthiness in this world.

Find out more at their website Sea Walls Churchill Website or view Sea Walls 2017 pdf.

Providing Support in Research

Sea North Tours was pleased to provide guides and services during field season for a Beluga Blow Project by Justine M Hudson (University of Manitoba, Fisheries and Oceans Canada) and Marianne Marcoux (Fisheries and Oceans Canada). Results were presented at the Arctic Change conference. Click to view Beluga Blow Poster.

In Our Province – Manitoba’s Beluga Habitat Sustainability Plan 2016

This document is part of “TomorrowNow – Manitoba’s Green Plan”; an eight-year strategic action plan for mobilizing Manitobans to work together to protect the environment while ensuring a prosperous and environmentally-conscious economy. In addition to the actions outlined in this plan, the province has other initiatives underway to ensure we protect the environment and sustainably manage our natural resources now, for tomorrow. Manitoba’s goal is to be one of the most sustainable places to live on earth.

Click to view Manitoba’s Beluga Habitat Sustainability Plan PDF