Douglas Kahle

Sea North Tours. Simply the best! I’ve been all over the world in search of marine life encounters for photography and nothing beats the Beluga Whale action provided by Sea North Tours. I return to Churchill every summer from SE Florida because I never get tired of being bumped by Belugas — the most interesting creature I’ve ever been in the water with. This is a family run business and they treat you like family, from the hotel accommodations to the breakfast every morning to the professionalism of the tours and other activities. I look forward to many more summers in Churchill with Sea North Tours and the Belugas.


Natural Habitat

SeaNorth Tours have been amazing to work with.  Not only are their drivers fantastic, but they really do have the customer experience at the heart of their operation.  They also have an incredibly focus on safety, for the clients and the whales.  It has been a pleasure to work with Sea North Tours and we are excited for the upcoming summer as well.


Beluga Researcher, Meg Hainstock

My husband and I have been conducting beluga research from Sea North vessels for a few years now, and we have an excellent experience every time. Remi and his crew are very interested in the role that research can play in beluga conservation, and they’re always happy to share their thoughts based on years of experience on the Churchill River. The entire Allen family has been very welcoming, and even tease us that we are honourary members of their crew.