Our Team

Dwight Allen

Born and raised in Churchill, co-owner with his wife Louise, Dwight is our specialty guide for the work that requires every ounce of concentration and expertise. A true entrepreneur, he has pioneered in every aspect of the tourism industry in the Churchill area and started his Beluga whale touring in 1982, making Dwight the oldest Beluga tour guide in Churchill. With a love of the north in his soul he is out on the land even in the off-season hunting, trapping, fishing and spending time at his cabin.  Dwight and Louise previously owned White Whale Lodge before it tragically burned down in the year 2000, but they have continued to share their passion for the Beluga whales and Churchill with the world. Dwight is a certified diver and mechanic. He has spent weeks in the artic circle driving boat and started one of Churchill’s first tour companies for Polar bears back in the early 80’s using self-designed off-road vehicles.  Name an industry and he’s done it. He is the man to talk to when wanting to know more about the North.

Remi Foubert-Allen

Oldest son of Louise and Dwight, Remi is a born and raised 3rd generation Churchillian. Despite a short stint living in Winnipeg he’s always called Churchill his home. He is captain of the one and only Sea North II and has been licensed since 2012. His favourite memories to date have been rare Orca sightings in his first year and again in the summer of 2014. With little surprise his hobbies include hunting, fishing and spending time at the cabin. He is the owner of the infamous Tlapa, a beautiful German shepherd, she is well known around town for making friends and opening doors by herself. Remi also loves to snowmobile and he keeps it interesting by doing freestyle ramping and racing. His favourite thing to do on the water is to sea doo with the whales during a sunset. He has now bought and rebranded North Star Tours and continues the Allen tradition of being entrepreneurs of the North.

Tiffany Spence

Our lovely Tiffany is also a true Churchillian and third generation to grow up here. Her whole family still resides in Churchill so you know it’s in her blood. Sea North Tours has affectionately nicknamed her “momma Tiff” and for a good reason. With most of her coworkers being bushed men, well it’s not hard to imagine the need for a little no-nonsense. She has been with Sea North since 2014. Tiffany is an avid photographer with a particular passion for the Aurora Borealis. She’s even sold some of her photos to Travel Manitoba. She loves her purebred American bulldog named Capone, going ice fishing, cooking and snowmobiling. In the off-season she is also an Aurora Borealis guide for North Star Tours.

Alex Devries

Alex was born and raised in the Netherlands where his passion for travel and adventure was instilled at an early age. Having spent most summers sailing, hiking and camping across Europe with his dad, he developed a knack for the wild and easily found the beauty in it. After moving to Canada in 2001, that passion only continued to grow by exploring many National Parks in Canada and the United States. With this in mind, Alex decided to study Tourism Management at Red River College in 2007. The following year, Alex got his first taste of Churchill when he spontaneously decided to visit Manitoba’s number one tourist destination. Within 3 days, he experienced watching polar bears in the wild, kayaking with hundreds of Beluga Whales and stood in awe as the Northern Lights danced across the sky. He was instantly captivated and decided he wanted to work in Churchill after finishing his education. His love and overall knowledge of the town of Churchill and its surrounding wildlife radiate from him; which is noticeable from the moment you meet. After living and working in Churchill for over five years, the novelty of being up north has yet to wear off.

Aubrie Foubert-Allen

Daughter of Louise and Dwight, Aubrie is the youngst team member and is the other friendly face at our front desk. She helps schedule tours and answers many questions from the various visitors.  Aubrie is fluent in french, enjoys playing ringette and in the off season teaches skating to all ages.

Arnar Palsson

Has become a free spirited Gypsy of the north and seized the opportunity to work for the Sea North team in any capacity required. He has an extreme interest in the history of the north particularly Churchill in its remoteness. Whales, Polar Bears, and all other wildlife and water fowl are keen and never lose their excitement to him. He has been involved in preservation of the land and animals and has devoted 20 years to the Ducks Unlimited Canada organization serving as an ambassador and auctioneer for Ducks Unlimited
fundraising banquets which first brought him to Churchill. He is now semi-retired and now spends up to 4-5 months of the year here. He is on the organizing committee for the Hudson Bay Quest musher race and which allows him to spend more time in the north in March. He has been driving now professionally for 45+ years so you will most likely find him behind the wheel of one of the shuttle vehicles or doing town and area tours. He can
proudly say that he has driven 4.5 million miles in his career and has hauled on every ice road in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario and occasionally into Saskatchewan pioneering some of the newer overland winter roads such as Brochet, Lac Brochet, and into Tadoule Lake which has a deep history with Churchill. Often refers to himself as the Hank Snow of Canada but has always been drawn to the north. Folks go south for the winter, I go north. There is a unique brotherhood and family in the north. Semi-retired and happy to be here.

Erin Greene

Erin Greene, owner and operator of ‘SUP North’, is a certified paddleboard and yoga instructor. Her passion for people and cultures guided her to complete her B.A in Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University in her hometown of Montreal in 2008. She came to visit Churchill in 2012, and fell in love with the wildness and magic of the land. The allure of the Hudson Bay and the extraordinary white whales, are what kept her coming back every year until she finally decided to make Churchill her home.  After completing her SUP instructor certification in Hawaii in 2015, Erin knew she needed to bring this incredible experience to Churchill. “SUP offers a chance to feel the river under our feet, experience movement in our bodies, and view the environment from a different elevation that really affects our perspective of the water beneath us.” Teaching the art of paddleboarding allows Erin to combine her passion for the whales, the water, and active living. Her vision for ‘SUP North’ is to enable people to experience the outdoors, enriching their connection to nature, all while promoting health and wellness. Inspired by this vision, she proposed Stand-Up Paddling with the beluga whales to Sea North Tours. The enthusiastic reception of her idea was what created the possibility of sharing Stand Up Paddling with all the people who choose to explore this extraordinary part of the world.  She is excited to be able to work with a company whose expertise and experience on the water is unparallelled. Her professional values match up with those of Sea North Tours in regards to using only top of the line equipment, a focus on safety, and caring not only about our valued customer’s experience, but also about the well-being of our precious whales and the protection of our Churchill Estuary. She believes that SUP can have a great impact for positive change in the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

Jocelyn McLean

Jocelyn is from Winnipeg, & loves Churchill for its sense of community & the accessible opportunities for adventure travel.  In fact, her first time washing up on our shores was after a 64 day canoe trip from Winnipeg!  As exhausted as they were while approaching the Port of Churchill, their beluga escort gave them new energy to stay and play with them on the water!  As well as scuba diving, surfing & sailing, she’s been sharpening her skills on the water by practicing with the whitewater paddling club in southern Manitoba.  She is super excited to join the Sea North crew & spend this paddling season in the Churchill river once again!


Caitlin Olivier

Caitlin was born in Winnipeg and raised in Lorette, MB. She grew up in the country helping her papa on the farm, which led to her love of animals,plants and the outdoors.   Throughout her life she travelled to visit family in Churchill. After her last visit in 2014 she felt a natural pull to move to Churchill a couple short months later. Her passion for the land, nature and adventures led her to North Star and Sea North Tours where she is a Jill of all trades, from office work to tour guide to artist We welcome her as a strong component to our team.


Celine Midavaine

Celine was born and raised in the town of Tofino on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. She spent several years sailing with her family in a 42ft ketch, before settling down in New Caledonia in the South Pacific. Although she began by guiding bus tours in Noumea, her passion for the the ocean and wildlife eventually brought her back to BC where she guided boat tours.
Over the years, encounters with different species of whales have nurtured a deep love for these beautiful animals; her enthusiasm is hard to miss! Some of her favorite memories are of close encounters with Transient Orcas, and of dolphins bow riding on a bioluminecent night. She has now decided to expand her horizons and discover new waters in Churchill! She finds that the belugas are incredibly unique and amazing whales and is looking forward to sharing this experience with you this season!