Beluga Whale Conservation

Our Mandate

Did you know?? Sea North Tours is the only Whale watching company on the Churchill river & Hudson Bay who is %100 Beluga Whale Friendly. Not one of our Vessels has exposed or moving parts under the water.

Sea North Tours has always been strongly grounded in the importance of Beluga whale conservation. We pride ourselves in spearheading the bringing of safe practices when interacting with the whales to the Churchill area. Being the first company in Churchill to implement prop guards on our Zodiacs, we have been setting the standard for Beluga whale safety for more than 25 years. We’ve also committed our other vessels to using jet drive only, so there are no exposed moving parts beneath the water. We aren’t just committed to the safety our passengers but also the safety and conservation of the beautiful wildlife we love to see. We have since become the only prop guard dealers for Manitoba ( to further our commitment to the conservation of our friendly whales. We also have a strong partnership with so you can have a look into the daily life of a Beluga.