About Us

Sea North Tours is the oldest tour company on the water in Churchill, Manitoba. Founded in 1977, by Mike and Doreen Macri, it was later sold to their close friends, Dwight Allen and Louise Foubert – Allen in 2011, who are the current operators today. It is a family owned company that developed over a love of the subarctic and its wildlife. Dwight and Louise have a passion for sharing Churchill’s treasures with people all over the world. They have spearheaded much of the tourism going on in Churchill today and along with their eldest son Remi brought new adventures and opportunities for interacting with the Beluga whales and other parts of Churchill such as; paddle boarding, Sloop Cove hike and more. With their ingenuity and being entrepreneurs to the core, Sea North Tours continues to grow each year. Come enjoy and photograph Churchill’s great outdoor treasures with our family and friendly staff!